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20 gubernatorial candidates from major parties meet in Bloomington for forum

Governor candidates from Minnesota's three major political parties converged on the Bloomington Sheridan last night for an interesting evening of political posturing. There were seven Republicans, nine DFL'rs, and four Independence Party candidates answering moderator questions. 

Due to the large number of participants, they were divided into groups of five, and questions were directed to a single group, rather than let all candidates answer each question. This kept the event moving along.

Caucus night is rapidly approaching, and candidates were appealing to the current and upcoming class of delegates. Some were prepared and well polished, others disorganized and sometimes even confused. Republican front-runners Marty Seifert, Tom Emmer, and David Hann presented themselves well. the DFL's Margaret Anderson Kelliher and RT Rybak had there game on, too.

The Forum was occasionally surreal; Ole Savior wore his Vikings Jersey and matching purple leather jacket. A confused Leslie Davis (GOP) asked a moderator to repeat a question several times.

There were even some light hearted moments. A "lightning round" question" (only yes/no answers, but for all candidates) asked if they would sigh a Voter ID bill.  Tom Rukavina (DFL) answered "just or me", which began a series of one liners directed at him. Emmer's line was best, saying "Yes, and fingerprinting for Rukavina."

The event was hosted by the Minnesota News Council and the League of Women Voters


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