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20 fun superstitions about the moon

Have you seen this meme yet? It inspired me to write this article, because of the affect the moon has on us from planting to even cutting our hair (you'll read about that later). "The Farmers Almanac" shares about when to plant and about the moon phases, and even fishing has its moon phases telling fishermen when the best time is. The moon affects us and everything around us both scientifically and superstitiously.

After doing some research I've found 20 superstitions that deal with the moon:

  1. If you butcher a male hog in the dark of the moon, you'll have excellent meat.
  2. If you shake an empty wallet at the new moon, you will be without money until the moon is new again.
  3. Looking at a new moon over your left shoulder indicates bad luck.
  4. Fence posters put into the ground when the moon is light will become loose.
  5. If you transplant fruit trees on the increase of the moon, they will produce more fruit.
  6. Hair should be cut during the change of the moon.
  7. If you see a new moon for the first time on a Monday, you will have good luck.
  8. Now if you see a new moon over your right shoulder for the first time, you better run!
  9. Plant potatoes in the dark of the moon.
  10. People can change into werewolves during the full moon.
  11. Stars in the circle around the moon, foretell a storm in the same number of days as there are stars.
  12. The first Tuesday after the new moon settles, foretells the weather for that quarter.
  13. Make wine in the dark of the moon.
  14. Make vinegar in the light of the moon.
  15. Pick apples in the dark of the moon, to keep them from rotting.
  16. Marry in the light of the moon.
  17. Never cut your hair in the decrease of the moon.
  18. Plants planted in March during the full moon are sweeter.
  19. It's good to start a new job during a full moon.
  20. Never sleep directly under the moon, because it can bring death.

So those are 20 superstitions that are about the moon. Then again who is to say that these superstitions are really that superstitious?


"Current Superstitions"-William Welles Nevell

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