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20 bright superstitions about the sun

I recently wrote about the moon, so of course had to talk about the sun too. Like the moon, the sun is a big part to us, and also like the moon it has its own superstitions.

Here's twenty of them:

  1. If the sun shines on Easter Day, it will shine on Whitsunday also.
  2. When the sun does not shine, all treasures buried in the earth are open.
  3. A baby born at sunrise is gifted with the life of success.
  4. The sun will never warm or cast light upon a liar.
  5. If the sun shines while it is snowing, there will be snow the next day.
  6. If the sun draws water in the morning, there will be rain in the evening.
  7. Circle around the sun, means no rain.
  8. If the sun looks red like blood at the sunset of a rainy day, a sudden death will happen.
  9. Sun and rain was supposedly good luck.
  10. if in the summer the sun rises red, it will be a very hot day.
  11. If the sun comes out from behind the clouds and shines during a wedding, the couple will have a long and happy marriage.
  12. Before the sun comes up on the 1st of May, rub your face with dew, and it will make you attractive.
  13. Sitting in the sun and looking at a yellow caterpillar will give you the chills.
  14. It is lucky to dream of the rising sun.
  15. A milky sun in the early morning is a sign of rain.
  16. Grass will die if watered while the sun is shining.
  17. Plant before the sun is up in May.
  18. A sunny haze means bad weather.
  19. Snakes never die until the sun goes down.
  20. The sun shining bright on your birthday means good luck for a year.

So those are twenty superstitions about the sun that have been around for generations. These superstitions to some are merely facts.


"Kentucky Superstitions" by Daniel Lindsey Thomas

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