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20 in 2012: Albums that turn 20 this year

2012 is just moments away, and already I am on the search for anniversaries. So I went back to a good time in music: 1992. So here is a shortlist of amazing albums that came out in 1992, complete with a song from them, and a video to accompany it.

Pantera: Vulgar Display of Power - F***ing Hostile:
Rollins Band: End of Silence - Low Self Opinion:
Bad Religion: Generator - Generator:
White Zombie: La Sexorcisto, Devil Music, Vol. 1 - Thunder Kiss '65:
Alice In Chains: Sap (EP) - Whale And Wasp:
L7: Bricks Are Heavy - S***list:
"Weird Al" Yankovic: Off The Deep End - Smells Like Nirvana:
The Black Crowes: The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion - Sometimes Salvation:
Helmet: Meantime - Unsung:
Megadeth: Countdown To Extinction - Sweating Bullets:
Ministry: Psalm 69 - Jesus Built My Hotrod:
Jackyl: self-titled - The Lumberjack:
Gin Blossoms: New Miserable Experience - Alison Road:
Tom Waits: Bone Machine - Goin Out West:
Blind Melon: self-titled - Change:
Alice In Chains: Dirt - Rain When I Die:
Stone Temple Pilots: Core - Crackerman:
Rage Against The Machine: self-titled debut - Fistful of Steel:

1992 was an awesome time in music. Let's hope 2012 is astounding.


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