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2-year-old FaceTime: 2-year-old uses Apple’s FaceTime, saves mom from dog attack

A 2-year-old’s “FaceTime” knowledge helped save his mom, who had been viciously attacked by dogs that she was caring for. They say that children are the cleverest at operating newfangled technology, and while the rest of us struggle to find the power switch on the TV remote, this is just another incident that would seem to confirm that platitude.
2-year-old FaceTime pro Bentely Toone regularly uses his mom's phone to prank his relatives. This time however, he had to make an emergency call.

According to the Inqusitr on Monday, 2-year-old toddler Bentley Toone became his mom’s tiny hero when he used the FaceTime App on his mother’s iPhone to save her life.

Mother Laura Toone was handling two dogs at the time, her own and a foster dog that was in here care. The two canines started to fight, and when Laura intervened, the dogs turned on her. The foster dog bit her so severely in the hand that she lost her middle finger in the dog’s mouth.

Toone tried to dial 911 herself, but the condition of her hand and the loss of blood did not allow her to operate her phone.

"I begged my daughters to call 911, and they're 4, and they were quite afraid to even touch the phone, because it was covered in my own blood from me trying to call 911," Toone said.

That’s when Bentley stepped up. He grabbed a dish towel from the kitchen and gave it to his mother, who had lost so much blood she thought she may lose consciousness. Bentley wiped the blood from his mom’s phone and proceeded to use FaceTime, a video chat app, to call Toone’s friend Connie Guerrero.

"All I could see was his little forehead, and I said 'Hi Bentley,' and it was quiet for a little bit. And then I hear Laura screaming," Guerrero said.

Guerrero then called 911, and Bentley met the EMTs at the door. Laura Toone says she is so thankful for her little hero, and has since made sure that all of her children know how to operate her phone to dial 911.

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