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2-year-old dog shot and killed by SLC police for no apparent reason

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A Salt Lake City, UT., man, Sean Kendall was riddled with disbelief as he got a phone call from local animal control on June 18 that his dog had been shot and killed in his fenced backyard, in “a fenced off area”. Kendall immediately left work and drove home. When he arrived, the police were still at his property and he decided to question Salt Lake City police about the incident.

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In the video released by Fox 13 news, you can hear Kendall stating, “I’m asking why you guys went on my property and why he felt the need to kill my dog.” But Officer Brett Olsen, the dog killer, was not there and Sgt. Joseph Cyr responded, “he entered the yard looking for a lost child. He was threatened by the dog, that’s as simple as it gets.”

Kendall went public asking for the officer’s actions to be reviewed and held accountable for shooting his dog in the head. Kendall said it was “traumatizing,” to see his dog laying in the backyard, with a shot to the head where they use to play. He said he doesn't believe for a moment that his dog was aggressive at all, if anything he was just coming “out from his kennel to see what was going on.” He has from the moment of the incident asked why the police officer didn’t just leave the yard and close the gate.

Two days ago it was reported that Salt Lake City Police Chief, Chris Burbank said that officer, Brett Olsen has been cleared of wrongfully killing Geist.

Upon the chief of police clearing the the police officer's actions, Kendall posted on Facebook why he believes the decision is wrong.

“With the recent favoritism Chris Burbank has granted other officers under his command, like Deputy Chief Findley and his sexual harassment retirement pension as well as the officers involved with losing numerous rape kits, it is no wonder to me that Brett Olson has been given a get out of jail free card.”

The victim was a 2-year-old Weinheimer that Kendall had since he was a puppy. During the investigation, on July 29, Geist’s owner refused a monetary settlement because he believes the “terrible policy and procedures” continue to erode the community's right to keep all members of their family safe. Kendall believes his best friend’s death will not be in vain, and hopes for policy change. He has launched a Facebook page “Justice for Geist,” which has more than 76,000 likes.

The Justice for Geist group will speak at a Salt Lake City Council meeting Aug. 12, 2014 at 6 p.m., located at 451 South State Street, room 304. According to the event page, 256 people will be attending. If you can’t go in support, fellow Americans who believe policies and procedures need updates can submit an email to: Justice For Geist. Followers of the Facebook page agree that Salt Lake City Police Officer, Brett Olson didn’t have to shoot and kill the dog.