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2 Wichita doctors find the cure to the 'Flappy Bird' flu

Although the Flappy Bird download is no longer available, those who did acquire it before its extinction will not let it slip between their thumbs. The rest of us scroll helplessly through Google play and the Apple Store to find a replacement.It looks like there is a comparable fillet.

Alfred DaCosta
flappy bird
Alfred DaCosta

"Splashy Fish, nearly an exact clone of Flappy Bird, except changing the titular flapper from fish to fowl, and setting the game underwater. It rocketed to the top of the charts nearly as soon as Flappy Bird went offline, as consumers apparently wanted more or less an exact copy of the beloved, deceased game."

Young people alike shake their fists in the air and cry out to the open sky. Not because they did not pass level 4 in Flappy bird or any video game for that matter. It is because of two Doctors.

"Doctors James Vincent and Trever Patton are neuropsychologists who say they’ve come up with the parental solution to videogame addiction in kids. It’s called “Take Charge,” and it gives parents remote app access to turn off their kids’ videogames or even schedule when or how long the came console is turned on."-kake

Video games are addictive. Placing control in the hands of the parents at a certain age is brilliant. Once they begin entering the early teens, they may need to go get a job.

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