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2 Titles in 3 Clockwork for Lovely Lindsay Whalen!

Forget about Maya Moore and Seimone Augustus for a second...Yeah, we know they're good, arguably great WNBA players...but Lindsay Whalen has everyone beat when it comes to sports stories; everyone! You don't even have to take into consideration the fact that she's female; and white; and thirty-one; and gorgeous; and earning her glory as the key guard on her home state's inaugural women's pro basketball franchise...

Sure. She's doing all of that and much more; but she's been owning her home state's stripes and commemorations since the mid to late nineties as she led her hometown of Hutchinson to a state championship, capping off her amateur hometown run in the mid 2000's by putting the Golden Gophers on the map and making the most unlikely of fans out of the benign and circumspect; namely, those who'd until that point given as much aim to the thought of attending women's athletics events as devout ufc fans likely would the Ellen Degeneres show for lack of a better effacement.

Simply put, Lindsay Whalen embodies the true essence of what we - as a (largely) collective male majority - aspire for our sports hero's to be. She just happens to represent a woman; one who's incredibly easy on the eyes; a gold medalist to boot; and will always boast the honor of walking the U of M campus amongst a retired jersey number; a designation she'll very well become familiar with just like that far from similarly -lucky number 13 cross town!

Go Lindsay!

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