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2 things you won't want to miss in early September!

A Kings cheeseburger heads out to space & Boston Local Food Fesitval holds 5th annual event
CBH Communications, Sustainable Business Network

September brings cooler days with a hint of fall and this year, two special events you won't want to miss out on!

Patrick Lyons of Kings has a favorite saying: "Let them eat cheeseburgers!" Last year King's sought to put the first cheeseburger ever into space. The effort is credited with sending it into Earth’s outer orbit, but this time, hopes to achieve visual confirmation of the voyage. Last year’s cheeseburger ended up as fish food with a landing, appropriately for a sandwich, in the ocean off Cape Cod in Sandwich, MA!

This year Kings will try again on Sept. 5, Friday, when the burger is propelled into space on a specially designed pod using impact resistant polycarbonate panels and lofted by a 1200 gram Kaymont sounding balloon. The entire trip will be recorded with a 720 HD drift action camera, designed to capture both the ascent and descent along with footage from thousands of feet up in the air. The pod and cheeseburger will be attached to a 56-inch parachute to help the burger return gently to earth.

Woody, Kings’ 9-foot tall bowling pin mascot, will release the vessel into space at 10 AM on Friday, September 5th. The entire space journey is expected to take about 3.5-4 hours, as the cheeseburger rises up to 90,000 feet above the earth before falling back and becoming available for photo ops (as it will be before take-off as well). It will be bronzed and displayed in a Kings location to commemorate the voyage.

"Last year we had a great launch, with the cheeseburger getting up there, but then drifting off course on the way down," Engineer Justin Young explains. “This year, we made a lot of changes in hopes to get the cheeseburger even higher and get even better footage of the launch.”

Separately, on Sept. 18, National Cheeseburger Day, from 5 to 8 p.m., all Kings locations will give away free cheeseburgers.

Another cool upcoming September event, Boston Local Food Festival, now in its fifth year, sponsored by Sustainable Business Network, and this year, Food Solutions New England, takes place Sept. 14 on the Greenway. Food Solutions New England will launch New England Food Vision, a comprehensive new report which proposes that changes in both food production and distribution across the region could make it possible for New England to produce half of its food needs within a few decades. The report anticipates that at least 50% of the food consumed in Massachusetts and New England to be locally produced by 2060.

At noon, the Food Solutions New England team and Commissioners Gregory C. Watson and Mary B. Griffin will be available to answer questions at the event, which will feature 100 vendors this year.

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