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2 simple steps to burn fat, lose inches, and feel great

Pre-washed baby kale is a dynamite food for smoothies and salads!
Pre-washed baby kale is a dynamite food for smoothies and salads!
Stephanie Atwood

Thanks for joining me for some simple, beneficial, and life changing information! You can burn your body’s stores of fat with 2 simple steps. You can make this happen anywhere while eating real foods. This is not a fad. It is a new way of looking at eating and living a healthy life. Ready to get started? Good!

Step 1: Buy REAL food. Eat REAL food.

When we walk through a grocery store, much of the food is packaged. It is made to last for weeks, months, maybe even years! That food is already limited in nutritional value and has been adapted to last on the grocery store shelves. Take a look at the Nutrition Facts and Ingredient list on the package and see how many of the names you recognize.

If the list of ingredients look like laboratory words and things that you can’t pronounce, they are likely fabricated in a lab and NOT REAL FOOD.

I tend to shop the perimeter of the store. When I shop the outside perimeter I will usually find fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, and refrigerated items (perishable, right?). I try to venture into the center area only for frozen fruits and veggies and paper products.

A good rule of thumb for purchasing REAL FOODS is that they usually come with no packaging and do not carry Nutrition Facts or an Ingredients List. They are generally made up of only one ingredient – the name.

Step 2: Move.

Everyone knows that we should move but how many of us do this on a regular basis? I am not talking about sprinting for an hour on the track or participating in some Herculean Boot Camp 6 days a week. I’m saying MOVE!

Get outside for 30 minutes a day and move that body to sweat. 30 minutes at one time is best (more is fine, too). 15 minutes, twice a day will suffice nicely if you are crunched for time. For maximum fat burning you want to keep your level of effort to where you can talk easily but still work up a sweat. One big outing on the weekend does not make the grade because:

1.Your heart needs regular activity to keep it healthy

2.Your mind needs the mental break provided by movement to relieve stress and keep the creative juices flowing

3.Your body will adapt to inactivity very quickly. Fortunately, the reverse is also true. Regular exercise is a reminder to your body of the body/mind connection. One without the other is severely compromised

I realize that getting outside might not work for everyone. Inside movement deprives you of sunlight and the benefits of fresh air and natural beauty. However, if an indoor gym or walking the mall is your way of putting in some active time, go for it!

If you follow these 2 simple steps – eat real, unprocessed food in reasonable portions; and move on a regular basis, 6 days a week, on average; you will find that you will feel great, lose inches, and very likely, lose weight.

I invite you to learn more by reading my bestselling book Belly Fat Blowout and the sequel Belly Fat Blowout 2, available on Amazon and your favorite online book stores. Thank you!

Bio: Stephanie Atwood has more than 30 years experience coaching. The combination of her skills in training and nutrition are unmatched throughout the industry. Coach Stephanie recently introduced a new program - Couch to Accomplished, to assist women in creating complete and meaningful lives, at any age, through movement, inspiration, and nutrition. Watch for her new website Go WOW Living, coming soon!

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