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2 reasons why you should work low paying photography jobs

Professional Photographer Keith B Dixon
Keith B Dixon Photographic Inc

Essentially, anyone can make a photo it is really that simple now. All you need is a phone or some type of camera and you are on your way. Why would you hire someone to take pictures at your party or event when you have your own camera phone or DSLR? I hear this all the time! But that has never stopped my phone from ringing or emails from clients asking me if I have an assistant or intern willing to do a job for cheap. Despite the camera phone anybody can take a photo myth, there is a vibrate market out there right now for the lower price point events. Low price point photography jobs are low risk and the prefect training ground for sharping your skill set.

There are a lot of people out there right now willing to pay a reliable photographer $75 to $150 dollars and up to snap off a few memories for their 3 or 4 hour event. You might find this hard to believe but you can make some great cash working these events. I hope you are laughing right now and thinking I am nuts for writing this. If so, I want you to read on.

Not everyone can afford to pay top dollar for a pro photographer. Most people know if they are going to have a special event having someone who they can depend to capture their moments is important. 16 years ago I built my business on working any and everything I could book. It was tough, my portfolio wasn’t that great, but I learned how manage people, circumstances, and how to shoot fast. And I made a lot of cash. I worked harder back then and made lot of mistakes but it paid off.

If you don’t think $150 is a lot of money for a nights work, think about the average worker in the US who makes just over minimum wage who might have to work a week for that same pay you are going to earn doing something you love to do in a night? Let keep this real!

If you are just starting out as a photographer your chances of making the “big bucks” are narrow. It takes time and a lot of relationship building to land those high paying clients, especially the one’s who are going to pay you a $1000+ a night.

I guarantee you, once you’ve worked enough lower price jobs two things are going to happen. People are going to refer you around because your affordable; you might do a lot of jobs and they might be frustrating to work, but the education you will get is priceless. Second; the more you shoot, the more you are going to learn about your workflow, gear, lighting, and how to manage events and people expectations.

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