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2 proven ways to eliminate sugar from your bloodstream if you are a diabetic

Proven ways to lower your blood glucose level

Sometimes when there is a spike in your blood sugar, there is something you can do to lower it quickly.

There are two proven ways to eliminate sugar from your bloodstream if you are a diabetic.

You can burn off sugar or you can flush out the sugar from your bloodstream. Either one is just as effective. If you really want lower your blood glucose level quickly, why not do both?

Burn Off Sugar
You can burn off the glucose in your bloodstream by moving. Do some physical movement by riding a stationary bicycle. If you do not have one, then jog or do jumping jacks. It also helps if you would swing your arms in circular motions, both backward and forward. You will see great results if you do either one or all of these suggestions for at least 10 minutes or more.

Flush Out Sugar
To rid your body of sugar, flush it out. There is a simple procedure for doing so. Flush out sugar from your body by drinking two 8-ounce glasses of water quickly. Wait five minutes and then drink a third 8-ounce glass of water. Needless to say, drinking all that water will cause you to urinate and flush out the sugar.

There are also foods you can eat to help lower your blood sugar; however, when you need your blood sugar to decrease quickly, follow the two suggestions above.

If you are a diabetic and have some diabetes tips, feel free to share them below.

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