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2 oz's now legal in Jamaica: locals ask "That's all?"

A good day on the farm
A good day on the farm

Jamaican me crazy with these marijuana laws!

Jamaican Justice Minister Mark Golding has unveiled sweeping reforms to the country's drug laws, including allowing possession of up to two ounces of marijuana. “It will now be an offense punishable with a ticket. Police will employ a scale to help them assess the weight. If your stash contains more than 2 ounces, they will confiscate it and wait a minimum of 24 hours before selling it back to you.”

Residents feel this is a step backward because average daily usage is “A little more than that” according to Jay Jay ‘Gnarly Marley’ Graham, a part time ‘masseur’ and tour guide through the island’s hidden pot fields. “Not only that but waiting 24 hours to get it back is cruel and unusual punishment. They generally sell it right back to you.”

Minister Golding stresses that the changes "are not intended to promote or give a stamp of approval to the use of ganja for recreational purpose but for religious usage of the island’s Rastafarians.

Simply crying out “Oh my God, this is such good shit” does not automatically qualify as ‘religious usage’ said Golding in a statement. “Tourists should not be encouraged to ‘Have an epiphany’ to the belief of Rastafarianism just to score some weed, although we know recreational usage has been an economic boost for the candy shops and bakeries on the island.”

The objective "is to provide a more enlightened approach to dealing with possession of small quantities." which to a Jamaican could be a year’s supply for the occasional stateside user.

Nearly 40 years after reggae great Peter Tosh sang "Legalize It," the Jamaican government is beginning to take his advice

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