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'2 Million Bikers to DC' joins Tim Donnelly in protest for Sgt. Tahmooressi

Patriot group '2 Million Bikers to DC' head to Washington on Sept 11 2013
Patriot group '2 Million Bikers to DC' head to Washington on Sept 11 2013
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California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly was invited to attend a luncheon held by Governor Jerry Brown honoring Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto at the Leland Stanford museum. But Donnelly is not going, opting instead to protest the event, which will be held on August 26 in support of imprisoned United States Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi.

Donnelly turned down the invitation publicly, saying in part, "...I'll be standing outside leading a protest, doing the job you should have done as the highest elected official in California; demanding the release of one of our own, our Marine, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi."

Donnelly will not protest alone, as the patriot biker group 2 Million Bikers to DC (#2MBTDC) has announced that they are joining the effort to bring awareness to the plight of Sgt. Tahmooressi, who served two combat tours of duty in Afghanistan and has been held in a Mexican prison since March 31.

The seeming lack of interest by officials and the mainstream media in Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi's imprisonment has sparked outrage and prompted numerous protests and several hashtags on Twitter and Facebook, including #BringBackOurMarine and‪ #‎FreeOurMarine.

The founder of 2MBTDC, Belinda Bee, told the Examiner that her organization "has supported the release of Sgt Tahmooressi since the day he was taken into custody." Bee continued to say that the Florida chapter of the organization "has held rides and rallies that include his mother Jill." Additionally, Bee said that all of the state chapters "have ridden to their Mexican Consulate over the last month."

Sgt. Tahmooressi has been imprisoned in Mexico on weapons charges since March 31 after missing an exit, forcing him into the San Ysidro border crossing described as "the busiest border crossing in the world" at Fox News Latino.

One commuter was quoted in the article as saying,

“...once you pass the last U.S. exit, if you're in the right lane, there is no way to get over to the far left lane to make a U-turn back to the U.S.," he said. "You have to go through to the border.”

Bill Roller, a 20 yr veteran and one of the two Calif. state organizers for 2MBTDC leading the effort told the Examiner that veterans are a tightly knit group that look out for one another.

Roller said passionately,

"...there is only one kind of person who knows what it is like to put everything on the line in service of this country! A fellow veteran, and WE CARE for our own. Bottom line."

Bee said,

"We are proud and honored that Allan [Allan La Rue] and Bill, our Ca State/Asst State Coord will be standing in protest with Assemblyman Tim Donnelly to support #BringOurMarineHome."

A White House petition for Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi has amassed 134,580 signatures at the time of this writing.

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