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2 Marines in critical condition after attempt to break up Calif. street brawl

2 Marines in critical condition after failed attempt to break up street brawl
2 Marines in critical condition after failed attempt to break up street brawl
Getty Images/released to Examiner

Long after the Dodgers vs. Angels game was over Saturday night, a street fight broke out in downtown Huntington Beach, Calif., that left two Camp Pendleton Marines hospitalized, both in critical condition, likely disfigured for life.

A third Marine was injured in the brawl, but was treated and released at a San Diego hospital.

According to reports, chaos ensued after a woman wearing an Angels jersey made a negative comment about the Dodgers to two other women. The female in the Angels shirt was immediately attacked, beaten to the ground and kicked repeatedly.

In an attempt to break up the fight and rescue the beaten woman, the three Marines, who knew none of the women, were attacked, reportedly by one woman's boyfriend.

Huntington Beach police responded to the altercation around 1:45 a.m. Sunday and were confronted by hundreds of onlookers.

Six people were arrested, including Manuel Alexis Alvarez, 23, of Downey, and Victoria Robledo, 20, of Norwalk, both on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

All three Marines were transported to a local hospital. The condition of the woman who was attacked has not been disclosed.

Huntington Beach police are asking for the public’s help with the ongoing investigation. According to the police several videos have already been posted online.

Anyone with additional information should call Huntington Beach Police tip line at (714) 375-5066.

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