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2 hurt on park ride as cable disonnects at Cedar Point in Ohio

When you head out on vacation to an amusement park, you shouldn't have to worry about getting hurt. Lately there have been a lot of accidents that are making people think twice. On Sunday, USA Today shared that two people were injured on a ride at Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio.

People were on the Skyhawk when a cable came off on this ride. One person had to be treated at the hospital and one was treated at the amusement park and was then released. This ride goes up to 60 mph when it swings around.

Season ticket holder Tom Achtziger was on this ride with his two kids when the cable disconnected. He hasn't been afraid to speak out about what he saw and how it all went down. He spoke out in an e-mail about the experience saying, "It was awful. When the cable broke they didn't stop the ride. They shut down the power and the ride kept swinging, letting gravity take over ... meanwhile the cable was whipping around smacking the ride and destroying things on the ground. We are all lucky that there were no more serious injuries."

Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards spoke out saying this ride is closed for now while they check on it. He said that safety is their top concern but obviously there was a problem with the ride at the park today. This ride has been shut down twice before, but they are not saying why it was shut down in the past. It does make people wonder if this ride had problems in the past as well.

So far Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio has not actually spoke out about when the ride will open again. They are waiting to find out what is wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again.

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