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2 GINGERS whiskey: Review

2 Gingers whiskey is the product of Irishman Kieran Folliard, who named his product after his mother and aunt (Mary and Delia), who were two passionate redheads. It is their faces which adorn the product stamp.

2 GINGERS whiskey
2 GINGERS whiskey

This award-winning spirit is distilled at the famous Kilbeggan Distillery in Ireland, which is formerly known as the Cooley Distillery. It is distilled in Ireland, but launched in Minnesota and is currently available in select markets within the U.S.

Your gentle Pop Culture Examiner sampled the goods via a couple of the recipes which are available here.


Aged for four years before it is sold, 2 GINGERS is mild, yet bold, smooth and malty with a sweet start and a warm swallow (we also poured out straight whiskey and swirled it around in the glass to let it breathe). There are hints of honey and citrus. The liquid is best described as having a golden hue and there is no sediment whatsoever. The flavors of 2 GINGERS are subtle and well-layered.

Serve cold and enjoy!

The 2 GINGERS motto?

“Bring Your Own Luck!”

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