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2 former Navy SEALS die aboard the Maersk Alabama

2 former Navy SEALS die aboard the Maersk Alabama
2 former Navy SEALS die aboard the Maersk Alabama
Unnamed container ships in San Francisco, Wiki photo

The Maersk Alabama, involuntarily made famous, or infamous, on Easter morning in 2009, was not prepared for her crew to find two former Navy SEALS dead in their quarters earlier in the week.

The deaths were discovered Feb. 18, after the Alabama docked at the Port of Victoria in the Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean.

Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, both 44, were found dead in their shared cabin; their cause of death is under investigation. Neither was on a security operation when they died.

Both men, former Navy SEALs were working for the private contractor Trident Group, providing security for the pirate plagued shipping line.

If the 2009 incident wasn’t infamous enough, Tom Hanks brought the 'Maersk Alabama' hijacking to the big screen last year with his portrayal of Capt. Richard Phillips, the cool-headed captain of the ocean-going container ship that was boarded by Somali pirates.

On Easter Sunday that year, the United States Navy surrounded the container ship, and one of its lifeboats holding not only Capt. Phillips, but also the pirates who had taken him hostage.

Navy SEALs successfully boarded the ship, “neutralized” the pirates in the lifeboat and executed the rescue.

The Maersk Alabama has come under pirate attack since that incident, prompting the hiring of private contractors to provide security. Merchant mariners are not armed.

The United States Coast Guard is taking the lead on the investigation of the deaths of these Trident Group employees.

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