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2 firefighters dead in Boston 9-alarm fire: 18 first responders in hospitals

Two firefighters were killed in Boston’s nine-alarm blaze in the city’s Back Bay neighborhood on Wednesday. At least 18 people were taken to the hospital from this fire, according to New England Cable News (NECN) live on Wednesday evening, March 26. Mass Live News also confirms that two firefighters have lost their lives.

2 firefighters are confirmed dead in 9 alarm Boston fire.
YouTube screen shot

Earlier in the day, firefighters were looking for two of their own who had gotten separated from their unit. The fire was so huge and the scene do chaotic that it was thought they may be with another unit fighting the fire. Apparently the two firefighters died while fighting this huge apartment building blaze.

The fire encompassed all five floors of this brownstone, starting with the basement and continuing up to the fourth floor, according to NBC News on March 26. It was just learned that all of the 18 people who were taken to area hospitals are first responders.

The strong wind gusts did nothing to help the firefighters as the wind fanned the flames. About 3 p.m. this afternoon a Mayday call pulled all the firefighters out of the building and they now continue to fight this fire from the outside of the building. The Mayday call was about the two firefighters in the basement who were running out of oxygen.

The fire on 298 Beacon St. went from the basement through the roof and they are still trying to knock this fire down hours later. The fire was still blazing at 7 p.m. on Wednesday night. The fire started a little after 2:30 p.m. this afternoon. The severity of injuries are not known, but the 18 first responders injured were transported to three Boston hospitals.

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