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2 deaths thunderstorms: Tree falls on top of car, deaths caused by crushed roof

A total of 2 deaths caused by thunderstorms have quite literally shocked the town of Phelps this week. An old tree fell on top of a couple’s car during the extreme weather; the resulting impact was said to have crushed the roof in and caused their tragic deaths. The Canada Journal reveals this Thursday, June 26, 2014, that the victims’ identities remain undisclosed at this point in time, but they were said to be a man and woman in their early 20s.

2 deaths caused by thunderstorms due to falling tree
Wikimedia Commons

According to Ontario County Deputies investigating the aftermath of the stormy weather slamming the Midwest and eastern regions, the 2 deaths by thunderstorms was simply a case of being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. While a couple was trying to drive through the massive thunderstorm earlier this week in Phelps, a falling tree was uprooted and struck their car directly.

The powerful impact was said to have caused the car’s roof to cave in, crushing both the driver and passenger inside. The car, revealed as a 2004 Kia Optima, was being driven on County Road 6. The young victims were said to be traveling in an insured vehicle with out-of-state license plates.

Although these are the only 2 direct deaths known to have been caused by the thunderstorms, severe weather and stormy skies have been reported to have struck much of the US this week, leaving damage and destruction in their wake. News Oxy shares that thousands of homes and local buildings throughout the counties of Monroe and Ontario are said to still be without power and still experiencing flash flood warnings, particularly upstate New York. Property damage of all kinds have also been reported.

According to News Oxy, the National Weather Service has issued ongoing thunderstorm alerts throughout various other states as well in recent memory. Flooded roads due to the extreme storms have been reported in Ohio and Massachusetts, while residents of Pennsylvania and Indiana are told to be wary of many downed power lines as the blustery weather passed through. Even mention of a tornado in Indiana was confirmed yesterday, said to have touched down earlier this week and causing major trouble for drivers and homeowners alike.

These 2 deaths via the recent thunderstorms included, one thing is certain; Mother Nature is never to be underestimated. If one is caught in one of these powerful forces of weather, safety officials encourage people — especially drivers — to pull over and seek shelter, avoiding high-standing trees or telephone poles. Such action may have prevented the tragic accident that led to a tree falling on top of a car and crushing its roof this Wednesday, added the press release.

Similarly, flash flood warnings are to be taken seriously. When an alert is issued in your local area, residents are told to obey all road closures and steer clear of any flooded areas, as waters may be deeper than they first appear. Individuals who live near rivers or even small streams are encouraged to find higher ground right away, as well as keep emergency contacts and radio alert signals on to stay up-to-date with the latest severe weather warning announcements.

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