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2 Christians came A-Calling

Tools of the trade when working with hay bales
Tools of the trade when working with hay bales
Michelle Cole


  • cousin Di 5 years ago

    Why am I not surprised that you were allowed to speak your is the way is was to be but know this what they more then likely heard was a peaceful humming sound from you..they are highly trained to make first contact and then continue to drop by it is what they know is how they work in the walk they take..and so as a meadow lark might pass and spend a moment maybe to return to see you again so will these lovely ladies that nodded approval to your message..they only want one thing and that is to see the world through their own eyes.. I used to myself share my beliefs with them and learned they seem outwardly interested and come to find out not so much ...their way or no way it is a rock and a hard spot for sure....But you are a kind person with a light shining on your path of life so that is all that matters I miss you love you more Blessings Shell to you and our family

  • Mike Schuelke 5 years ago

    Could it be that these were Jehovah's witnesses, a christian cult and not true Christians at all?!

  • Profile picture of D R Hosie
    D R Hosie 5 years ago

    To connect with the great river, we all need a path;
    but when you get down there, there is only one river.
    - Matthew Fox

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