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$ 2.97 tops

I strolled into the Bananna Republic on Michigan Avenue a couple weeks ago and was overwhelmed and exhausted.  I did not want to shop, I am sure all my fellow shoppers understand that feeling!  Fortunately, my crummy attitude began to look up when I stumbled upon a sale rack.  Banana Republic is not my forte, but I ended up finding some amazing deals.  I walked out with three tops for less than 20 dollars.  WIth 10% tax that is unbelieveable. 

One top was a simple layering tank that was 2.97 cents.  Silly right?  The other top was a black simple shirt with a cowl neck and studs on the side, and a cute blue top with layering in the bust area.  If you are familiar with Banana Republic your probably aware that their clothes are not cheap. 

I think everyone should stop in and find something for $2.97, it is a great feeling.  It makes me excited, so I want to share that joy with all of you!


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