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2.89-carat diamond at Arkansas park: Brandon Kalenda scores big find

A man found a 2.89-carat diamond at an Arkansas park, and he gets to keep the wild find. In fact, according to Fox News on March 12, he has decided to name the diamond after his son.

Man finds 2.89-carat diamond at Arkansas park
Screencap via Newsy

Brandon Kalenda from Louisiana named the 2.89-carat diamond from the Arkansas park “Jax Diamond,” after his baby Jackson. The find was at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, and Kalenda is the 47th visitor to find a diamond this year. This is the fourth diamond find of a gem that is larger than one carat.

It only took about 20 minutes for the man to find the 2.89-carat diamond at the Arkansas park. Brandon's family decided to head to the park after seeing the Duggar family, from “19 Kids and Counting” visit in a previous episode.

Will Crater of Diamonds State Park see a rush of visitors now searching for their own gem after this news? It's got to be tempting when you hear about a man finding a 2.89-carat diamond in the Arkansas park.

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