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1st Toy Giveaway by New Mayor

Line of kids waiting to receive free toys
Line of kids waiting to receive free toys
Larry Warmsley

Mayor Aja Brown and the City of Compton hosted its 1st Toy Giveaway under her leadership. The event was in partnership with Jim Brown’s Amer-I-Can Program, I Can Youth Foundation, and A Foundation for Kids, and was organized outside city hall at the Martin Luther King Jr.(MLK) Monument. Hundreds of kids and families were in line hours before the toy giveaway, many formed new relationships while standing in line. Groups of volunteers worked throughout the day, alongside city employees to ensure that the process to receive a toy went as smooth as possible.

Many families stated that they wanted to thank the Mayor and the City of Compton for helping make sure that kids in Compton had access to a toy for the Christmas Holiday. There was consideration for culture differences as well. For example there was a table where many of the toys such as dolls spoke Spanish. Some folks who were at the end of the line were a little anxious about moving closer to the front – but overall everyone who came out was in a joyful mood and was just appreciative of the opportunity to receive the free toys. And every child who came out left with a toy, and that was the purpose for the day.

After the toy giveaway later in the evening – many returned to the site to give thanks and to pray for the City of Compton. This call to action was the idea of Mayor Aja Brown. She said that it was on her heart to ask local pastors, church leaders and members to join her at the MLK Monument as a sign of unity and strength, and to pray together for an improved Compton.

This writer was humbly moved to see black & brown participants holding hands in a large circle, and pouring out prayers of passion from our local pastors, ministers, church leaders, city employees, and others. To show you how God moves the group decided to extend the city-wide prayer event by having different church leaders host the event; on the 4th Monday of each month starting in January 2014. Pastor Michael Fisher of Greater Zion Church (Compton) volunteered to host the January prayer activity. And other pastors and church leaders volunteered to host following months. For more details check in at Mayor Aja Brown’s facebook page: here

Merry Christmas!!