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1st Gear; new Men's Underwear debut that focus on making the male body sexy


Lam Tran (yellow shirt on left) with models at the finale of his 1st Gear fashion show at Trigger
Photo by Huey Tuduc

Among a packed house at Trigger Friday, May 14th, Lam Tran’s 1st Gear Men’s Underwear line made its debut to the public after a year of work. There was a roaring response from the crowd to the sexy new underwear line on the market. At midnight, 9 yummy models worked the runway in nothing more than Tran’s sexy 1st Gear line. Following the show, I had the opportunity to speak with hunky Tran and his venture, 1st Gear Men’s Underwear.

“We live in a diverse city” Tran began. “1st Gear is a brand that includes everyone no matter their diverse background. The male body is sexy. No matter your frame, I want men to embrace their bodies and feel sexy; feel good.”

The name 1st Gear is very unique. Tran posed the question, “What is the first thing you put on after you get ouf of the shower, your underwear. With a car, before you can drive off, you have to switch to your ‘1st gear.’ The name is meant to get you going.”

“I wanted the diversity in my line to show. I have nine of the most diverse models.” Tran said. “They range in race, age, height and weight but all look sexy and feel good wearing 1st gear.”

One of the models, Sky Savoy – a tall, muscular mountainous African American dancer – said “1st Gear is very comfortable and I feel very sexy wearing them. I have worn them on a date and felt very sexy, confident and on top of my game. I recently danced at Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs a couple weekends ago and performed in 1st Gear. Dancing in them gave me such a confident boost.”

According to Tran, his underwear are affordable yet competitive with other brand’s in them market. “The going prices for my underwear are $17-20 and can be found online at or Injeanious in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood.”

“With 1st Gear, we focus on the butt and the pouch and we want to make it look sexy, enhancing the beauty of the male form. 1st gear are perfect anywhere;  dancing; on a date; while work” said Tran.

At the end of the night, Tran was “really excited” and received “very positive feedback” for his 1st show. A number of friends and fans came backstage to drop off gifts, praise and congratulations.

Tran choose Trigger because “Trigger is a trendy place where everyone can come and have a great time. The crowd is very mixed and diverse. The diversity of the crowd just added to 1st gear!”

With 1st Gear, Tran wants to embrace the male body. “We live in the 21st century. I want to break the taboo that only women can be sexy, men can be and are.”

The brand also boosts T-shirts which Tran and the models were wearing and gave away to the crowd at the end of the night. The T-Shirt designs are very clean and not overly done with huge, exaggerated logos as seen on many clothing labels on the market.

With one show already successfully under his belt, Tran is heading to hot nightclub, Badlands in Sacramento May 22nd for his next fashion showcase. He also has several other shows in the works before Gay Pride in June so stay on the lookout and get ready to switch to 1st Gear.


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