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1st annual golf to Stop Child Trafficking Now tournament

SCTNow's 1st Annual Golf Tournament.
SCTNow's 1st Annual Golf Tournament.

Stop Child Trafficking Now (SCTNow) is going green with their cause...onto the greens of the golf course, that is. On July 19, SCTNow is having its 1st Annual Golf to Stop Child Trafficking Now Tournament. Brad Lockhart, father of child trafficking victim Shaniya Davis, will be present.

The location of this event should not deter our support of SCTNow's efforts. Their mission benefits us all, including those residing in Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Lt. Michael Eason of the Special Investigations Unit said, 'In addition to the (human trafficking) cases of Marvin Madkins and Tyrone Townsend, there are ongoing cases we are in the midst of working that are indicative that there is indeed human trafficking in Jacksonville, Florida.'

SCTNow's philosophy is simple--in reducing the demand (the predators), the need for the supply (of children) will consequently be reduced. So with retired, highly trained and skilled Special Operative Teams focusing on the sexual offenders, these children have a chance. It's a double blow to the world of child predators. Victims are rescued, and the need to create more victims is being eliminated, one-by-one.

Jason Weis, SCTNow National Walks Director, said, 'The caliber of our men and the relationship we've established with law enforcement is what makes what we do totally different. These are former CIA operatives, experts in counter-terrorism, and retired navy SEALs, all highly qualified professionals.'

Although things are still hush-hush at SCTNow headquarters regarding what's going on behind the scenes and in the field, rest-assured that something is being done about this heinous crime and the perpetrators therein. Operatives are in the field as we speak, doing what they know how to do best.

Weis said, 'I can tell you that we have brought cases early in the year to law enforcement, and those individuals have been taken out of circulation and are no longer raping children. In stopping the demand, thousands of children will be saved. This is an ongoing fight that requires ongoing support.'

According to SCTNow, "a predator pays as little as $25 for 15 minutes of sex with a child. For the same amount of money, a 4-man team of operatives can be placed on the field to stop him.' Alarming statistics, yet with a do-able solution.

So if you're in the area of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on July 19, stop by and join SCTNow at the Golf Club of Oklahoma. Otherwise, you can visit SCTNow's website to donate, knowing that you are helping give children everywhere a safer world and a safer tomorrow.


  • Ms. "V" 5 years ago

    Hey Sherrie,
    Great cause and information for a despicable crime. I hope that every effort is being made to get these preditors off the streets. Good to see you back on Examiner ;)

  • Sherrie Clark 5 years ago

    It's despicable and heinous what these sexual offenders do to innocent children. Yes, SCTNow is going after the root of the problem, tackling those predators that have been raping our children and taking them out of circulation. I applaud their mission!!!

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