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1lb 6oz Brielle was never expected to make it: Her parents refused to give up

Monday- Updates on Brielle Jo'lee: Brittany Pincura & Day'Quan Bates, both 19, were expecting a healthy baby girl, and according to Brittany's routine ultrasound there were no reasons to think otherwise. She was 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant at the time. The doctors said that the baby looked perfect and healthy.

Brielle Jo'lee was born July 13st at 4:36 due to a placental abruption. Doctors didn't expect she would live through the night.She is 7 months old now. You can show your support for the family at
Her parents refused to give up on their accutely premature baby and she is still fighting 7 months later. This family needs support, and Brielle needs prayers!

Brittany describes her life changing in an instant.

She said, "I worked Saturday morning (July 20) and went about my day, loving my baby belly. I went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night having to pee really bad. I noticed blood when I wiped. Then the pain immediately came, it hurt so bad. There was blood everywhere. Brielle Jo'lee was born July 13th at 4:36 am via c-section due to a placental abruption.

Doctors didn't expect she would have survived through the night and urged me to get her baptized. At 10 days old (7/31/13) we had to have her emergency transported to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for surgery."

Here is Brielle's story, in her mothers words.

"She got surgery for Necrotizing Enterocolitis also known as NEC. The surgeons did a surgery called Peritoneal drainage, where they put 2 drains in each side of her abdomen. Allowing all of the backed up stool/stomach bial to come out of her stomach.

On August 12, 2013 she underwent heart surgery to close to still opened PDA in her heart. Brielle contracted a staph infection in her lungs, which cause Pneumonia and Scalded Skin Syndrome which made the top 2 layers of her skin to die & peel away. On September 8, 2013 the drains were removed from her abdomen. She is still unable to eat, due to the Upper GI test taking longer to pass as normal.

Brielle also has Chronic lung disease and has been on a ventilator since the day she was born. She has trouble breathing on her own, and she also requires more oxygen attention then a normal human. Her oxygen stays on about 30-60% where a normal human breaths 21%. Brielle also has grade 3 Intraventricular hemorrhage. Which could cause her to never eat/sleep/think/walk.

We pray each and every day for a complete recovery from our babygirl, but the doctors don't expect it. They've tried to talk us into pulling the plugs on little miss Brielle but it will never happen."

Her Parents Refused to Give Up

"They suggested we we let her go, as she wasn't gonna make it. She proved them wrong! Even though she has every complication possible she is a happy smiley baby. Brielle has had 8 surgeries and is due for another sometime this upcoming week.

There has been times I was scared to death I was going to loose my baby.

Brielle is almost 7 months old, she is still hospitalized due to her chronic lung disease, hydrocephalus, and NEC not being stable. She remains on a ventilator on a Cpap setting. She gets "shunt taps" every day, due to her vp shunt not accurately working.

A "shunt tap" is where they stick her with a needle through her scalp into her drain, where the manually drain about 50ml a day. Due to her ventilator support, she is unable to even try bottle feeds. She is getting a g-tube placed. They think she will need a trach, but they are unsure as of right now."

Help the Family through Prayer and Donations

The donation page they have set up is on However, a lot more prayers and a lot more donations are needed. Brielle is still facing multiple surgeries, and she needs her family by her side. She has been in the hospital for a long time. The family will definitely need help for paying for medical expenses and their cost of living while their baby girl fights to survive.

The Blessings for Brielle Facebook page has documented this little girls struggle even after the doctors said she would not make it. You can see clearly that today she not only knows and recognizes her parents. but that she is a beautiful child who is very aware and alert.

Brittany says, "I update her page every single day. I recently had a woman steal Brielle's photos and put herself in them."

"Brielle's G-tube surgery will definitely take place his week, just not sure exactly what time or day.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Thank You to everyone that has made it possible for us to be able to be there this entire week, so the surgery isn't a surprise (like the last one) .

Her nurse today is worried about her, because she is really sleepy. Being as though spitting up & sleepiness are signs of malfunction. But her shunt shouldn't be malfunctioning while they are tapping it every single day. Idk what's going on, but I hope it's nothing serious.

Hopefully when we arrive she'll be up for a little. She does love her mommy and daddy. So we'll see. She usually cries as soon as her diaper is dirty. Her nurse has been having to wake her up to change her. Praying for the best as always !"

The donations page, which has only raised $500.00 to date reads "I am a mother of a 24 week old preemie my miracle has already been through four major surgeries before she was even two months old. We watch her heal everyday with cautious optimism. Please help me to be able to spend all the time with her I can."

Brielle has been in the hospital since birth (212 days today) she's in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia . As of right now the drs don't really have much to say. We're at a standstill.

Her hydrocephalus is hard for them to maintain. The pressure in her stomach is to high, due to her NEC and other stomach problems. The pressure in her heart is to high as well due to her PDA and VSD, she got her PDA closed but still has an open VSD.

The pressure in her lungs is to high due to her chronic lung disease. They're not sure where to put her shunt. So they've been tapping it, taking the fluid. Hoping the pressure in one of them areas will go down.

Again, this family needs a lot of prayers and a lot of support for the little girl who is proving everybody wrong. She is a fighter! The goal is $1000.00 by April 01, 2014 to help with food. lodging and medical bills while their precious baby gets well enough to go home. If you would like to donate please click here.

You can also help by getting Brielle's story out there.

Brielle's mom is requesting prayer warriors on her page at this time.

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