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1982 is Ready for the Fest

Mondays, oh Mondays
Mondays, oh Mondays

What better way to shake off the Monday blues than play some guitar hero and down a few $1 beers? Let's not forget the fact that you won't have to pay a cover. Madness? Nope, just Monday nights at 1982.

1982 is an all ages bar located on University Avenue, and is one of many venues that will be hosting shows during The Fest. Its got a dim, cozy atmosphere equipped with the musical necessities; a fully functioning stage, dance floor and ATM. You can also enjoy some Nintendo classic while sitting at the bar or just enjoy the music.

A list of the different bands playing at 1982 over the fest weekend can be found here. Some of the notable ones, no offense intended to ones not mentioned,  are Anchor Arms, Crime in Stereo, Religious as "Fack" and Coffin Dancers.

Make sure to stop by if you already have your Fest pass, and if you don't the cover for the shows are $10 dollars at the door.