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1982 Bar Gainesville

1982 serves as a great example of a bar/venue that started out great but soon afterwards began a gradual slide downhill. When it opened in the spot along University Avenue that formerly housed Common Grounds (which was renowned for great shows, though it was rather filthy inside), I think many Gainesville music advocates were thrilled. It was clean, there was a new floor, the walls were painted, the interior was remodeled, and the stage was bigger. The downward slide happened so gradually, it was hard to notice until one day when I was playing a show there in mid-summer and the air conditioning was broken. I (and the rest of the band) was hyperthermic to the point of nearly fainting. When I found out later that the AC only cost a few hundred dollars to fix and the owners delayed because they never bothered to get a repair estimate, I realized that things had changed.

The only reason I can think of why one would want to go to 1982 is to see a friend’s band play. It is true that there is the occasional good (or renowned) band playing there, but the sound quality is just awful—it’s almost not worth it. The bar is inconsistent at best. They don’t have a liquor license, so they sell wine-based imitation booze which tastes very strange: I just can’t recommend it.

I suggest keeping an eye out for friends’ bands or the occasional national act playing at 1982. There is a potential that the bar might turn around and begin to improve—either by increasing sound quality or by nixing the fake booze and bolstering the beer list.