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1975 missing sisters case was cold but is warm again with person of interest

In 1975, two sisters went missing and were never heard of again. The case went cold until now when a person of interest has been recognized by Maryland police who had been stalled on the details regarding this sad disappearance nearly four decades ago. ABC News offered a video on Feb. 11 that had Montgomery County law enforcement asking for help from the public.

In their plea, detectives involved in the case declare there has been a break in the case of the missing Lyon girls who were 12 and 10 at the time. Their names, respectively, are Sheila and Katherine.

Meanwhile, age enhanced images have been created by scientists to show what the girls would look like today, as seen in a USA Today video.

As for the suspected person of interest, that person is a convicted sex offender who has been incarcerated for years.

The police believe this man could have been in Montgomery County at the time when the sisters went missing. He was also said to be at the mall where the Lyon girls had gone and which was a short walk from their family home.

Back then, Sheila and Katherine were headed to Wheaton Plaza for some pizza and were never seen again.

Law enforcement could not figure out what happened to the Lyon girls 39 years ago but now police officers seek more answers about the 1975 missing sisters since there has been a break in the case that is no longer cold but is warm again thanks to the discovery of a person of interest who was spotted at the scene of the place where Sheila and Katherine were last spotted.

Stay tuned for more details as this story is breaking.

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