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1974 farmhouse slaying case: DNA match for semen stains, still jury at odds

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A 1974 farmhouse slaying of a 17-year-old girl is in the hands of a jury today and if the judge has anything to say about it, they will come to a verdict either way. This 1974 farmhouse slaying case offers new evidence in the death of Mary Jayne Jones, who was shot and killed at an Iowa farmhouse. Back in 1974 there was nothing to go on and it looked as if her killer would never be found, but that changed in 2012 with the use of a DNA test, according to Fox News on Jan. 28.

That DNA test, which wasn’t available when the crime was committed in 74, pointed to Robert “Gene” Pilcher, now 67, whose cousin owned the farmhouse. The DNA was extracted from the semen stains on a blanket that was under the victim’s body.

Pilcher was arrested and all but the deliberations are done in his trial, a trial in which Pilcher claimed he was innocent. He explained the semen stains as his, but from a previous sexual encounter.

The jury has been deliberating in this case since last Thursday, but they came to the judge on Tuesday to report they are unable to come to a verdict in this case. They just could not reach an agreement. Judge Richard Meadows ordered the jury to go back into deliberations and continue until they have come to a verdict.

The jury is now continuing the deliberations in this case.