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1972 Buick GSX: The most enigmatic muscle car?

Saturn Yellow 1970 GSX
Saturn Yellow 1970 GSX
Mark M and the GSX Registry

Most fans of 1960s performance cars know about the 1970 Buick GSX, a spoilered and striped Gran Sport that was available in Saturn Yellow or Apollo White. They came standard with the 455/350, with the 360-horse Stage 1 being the only option. With only 678 built - most with the Stage 1 - it would seem that the GSX would not return for 1971. Would you believe it lasted through 1972?

This is how all 1972 GSXs were trimmed.
Mark M and the GSX Registry

The GS lineup was shuffled for 1971. Previously, there was a GS 350 and GS 455, but for 1971 both models were combined into a single GS model. The GSX "ornamentation package" was now available on the GS with the 350, 455, or Stage 1, and six regular production colors were now available (although several special-order cars are known to have been built in other Buick colors). Only 124 were built.

And then there was 1972. The GSX soldiered on, this time with any Buick color, but only 44 were built. Considering it was an option package and not designated in the VIN, it would be hard to determine an authentic one. However, the Sloan Museum has records of all 1972 GSs, so all 44 GSXs can be documented. Sounds cool, right? You can check out the Buick GSX Registry to see how all 44 were equipped. Click on THE ORIGINAL 44 on the left column and you can learn the statistics for all 44 built, such as the color distribution. Look closely and you'll notice 22 of them were sent to Canada, while only 5 went to the continental US. Where did the other 17 go? Can't say except it was Alaska, Hawaii, or export markets. Sounds weird? Yeah, but there probably is a logical answer to that.

Mark M. of the GSX Registry worked with a graphic designer to create images of all 44 cars built in all their trim combinations. Which one is your favorite?

Check out the slide show with GSXs from all three years, courtesy of the GSX Registry.

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