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1942 Oscar statuette sold at auction for hefty price

1942 Oscar statuette sold at auction for hefty price
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

According to Techsonia, which was reported on June 23, a 1942 Oscar Statuette sold at a Rhode Island auction house for a hefty price of $79,200. Apparently, the total price included 20% buyer’s premium, according to Nancy Thompson of Briarbrook Auctions. She would not tell the buyer’s name but said it is a well-known name to many people.

According to Fox News which was reported on June 24, the auctioneer had estimated that it would sell for only $5,000 to $30,000. However, it went for a much bigger price.

This 1942 Gold Statuette was awarded to Joseph C. Wright for his color art direction for the movie, “My Gal Sal.”

Before the live auction even started the price online was already at $32,000. However, the Academy Awards has investigated the sale. This is because since 1950, those awarded these golden statues and statuettes were not allowed to sell their awards to anyone, nor were there heirs, without first making an offer to the Academy Awards for at least $1. However, the auction house argued this does not cover this certain piece since it was awarded before 1950 in 1942.

Wright’s nephew inherited the golden statuette after Wright’s death in 1985. It weighs six pounds and stands 13 inches high.

Wright had received a total of 12 nominations and won twice. Both times were in 1942 and both times the moment and the Oscar statuette were shared with Richard Day who played in his movies he directed. The second award Wright received was for the movie, “This Above All” which was a black and white movie which starred Tyrone Power and Joan Fontaine.

Wright’s nominations included the movies, “Days of Wine and Roses,” “Guys and Dolls,” and “The Man with the Golden Arm.”

Having an Oscar statue or statuette sell for that price is something amazing, though.

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