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1919 Sutter Lawn Club is holding thier 5th Annual Classic

5th annual Classic
5th annual Classic

Sacramento's locals may remember a time when as the Capital of California they had certain type of lifestyle. Tennis courts and Palm trees were one of the symbols of the California lifestyle in Sacramento.

One can still find Palm trees planted in front of homes dating from the early 20th century, but Tennis courts are becoming a thing of the past. Even hotels who once known for them, are closing down or having the courts in disuse.

Many tings were changed by the Great War in Europe, one of them was the advent of the Roaring Twenties complete with the newest rage, playing tennis as an elite activity, along with Golf courses.

The Sutter Lawn Club was established in 1919 with twenty thousand dollars for investment. Along with William Land Park and the Crocker Art Museum, this was a sign of a classical lifestyle in Sacramento.

The 5th Annual Classic of Neighborhood art, wine and food is being held at the Sutter Lawn Club this weekend on August 23, 2014. The Neighborhood of the finest restaurants will be supplying the wine and food for tasting.

This is a chance for those of the East Sacramento locals to experience fine dining and living under the stars. The event is Saturday night 5 P.M. - P.M.

There will also be a Silent Auction, Art viewing and live music to enjoy the night and perhaps remember a time past when this neighborhood spoke of the new style of life after the Victorian era of downtown was over.

The website for the Sutter Lawn Club is The phone number for information is 916-452-5356. The cost for the night of the Classic is $40.00 dollars advance and $50.00 dollars at the door.

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