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1900 Olympic Games: Complete list of swimming medal winners

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Swimming events at the 1900 Olympic Games were held in the Seine river. During August of that year, seven men's events were contested in the Parisian waters. In total, 76 men from 12 countries competed in the events, of which only two — the 200-meter freestyle and 200-meter backstroke — are still contested today. Women did not compete.

Like 1896, not a single swimmer from the United States placed in the top three. Of course, only two Americans competed in the events. Fred Hendschel swam the 200 freestyle and obstacle event and did not qualify for the final in either. The other American's name was not recorded.

Below, you'll find a complete list of swimming place-winners from the 1900 Olympic Games.

200-Meter Freestyle
Date: Aug. 11 and Aug. 12
Participants: 26 from 10 countries
Gold: Frederick Lane, Australia, 2:25.2
Silver: Zoltán Halmay, Hungary, 2:31.4
Bronze: Karl Ruberl, Austria, 2:32.0

1,000-Meter Freestyle
Date: Aug. 11 and Aug. 12
Participants: 16 swimmers from 6 countries
Gold: John Arthur Jarvis, Great Britain, 13:40.2
Silver: Otto Wahle, Austria, 14:43.6
Bronze: Zoltán Halmay, Hungary, 15:16.4

4,000-Meter Freestyle
Date: Aug. 15 and Aug. 19
Participants: 29 swimmers from 7 countries
Gold: John Arthur Jarvis, Great Britain, 58:24.0
Silver: Zoltán Halmay, Hungary, 1:08:55.4
Bronze: Louis Martin, France, 1:13:08.4

200-Meter Backstroke
Date: Aug. 11 and Aug. 12
Participants: 16 swimmers from 6 countries
Gold: Ernst Hoppenberg, Germany, 2:47.0
Silver: Karl Ruberl, Austria, 2:56.0
Bronze: Johannes Drost, Netherlands, 3:01.0

200-Meter Team Swimming Event
Date: Aug. 12
Participants: 18 swimmers from 2 countries
Details: The team swimming event was not a relay. Instead, swimmers in each heat were assigned points based upon where they finished. The team with the lowest number of points was declared the winner.
Gold: Germany, 33 points
Silver: France, 51 points
Bronze: France, 62 points

200-Meter Obstacle
Date: Aug. 11 and Aug. 12
Participants: 12 swimmers from 5 countries
Details: The event held three obstacles, including poles and boats. The swimmers had to climb over the pole and one set of boats. They had to swim under another set of boats.
Gold: Frederick Lane, Australia, 2:38.4
Silver: Otto Wahle, Austria, 2:40.0
Bronze: Peter Kemp, Great Britain, 2:47.4

Underwater Swimming
Date: Aug. 12
Participants: 14 swimmers from 4 countries
Details: Participants were scored on a system that allowed one point for each second spent underwater and two points for each meter swam. 1900 marked the only time the underwater swimming event was contested.
Gold: Charles de Vendville, France, 188.4 points
Silver: Andreé Six, France, 185.4 points
Bronze: Peder Lykkeberg, Denmark, 1:47.0 points