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19-year-old Home Depot employee saves falling baby

A Home Depot employee is being hailed a hero after catching a falling baby, Yahoo News reported January 15.

Home Depot employee heroically saves falling baby
TomoNews US

19-year-old Chris Strickland, an employee at the Anchorage, Alaska Home Depot, can be seen rescuing a baby on a YouTube video.

The video, which is now going viral since being passed around on social media, shows Chris as he rushes toward a shopping cart. On top of the cart is a baby in an infant carrier. Apparently the infant was placed there by the parents, who need to take a lesson in the safe way to transport an infant, should a shopping cart be needed.

Chris made a dive toward the shopping cart, catching the infant as the seat tips over and the baby falls out. The entire event was captured on Home Depot CCTV, and was quickly upload to YouTube.

The story has now gone global, and Chris will be awarded the Home Depot Angel Award, which is given to those who perform exceptional acts of heroism.

Manager Brady Wilson is very proud of his young employee, who saved the infant from what could have been a serious injury.

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