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19 year-old busted for propositioning a 10 year-old

Corridor in a prison
Corridor in a prison
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

A 19 year-old Burson, Ca. resident tried to "hook-up" with a 10 year-old girl in Valley Springs Sunday February 2, 2014. Dylan Ray Mills made contact with a person on Facebook who he believed to be a ten year-old girl.

From the media release by Calaveras Deputies, it's not clear if an actual ten year-old girl was first approached, and the Deputies later substituted themselves in the online communication, or if the deputies were portraying a ten year-old girl while on Facebook.

It is alleged that Mills is guilty of making sexually explicit comments to the "victim" and arranged to meet her at the Starbuck's in Valley Springs, Ca. During the time when Mills was supposed to make an appearance at Starbuck's, the Deputies were alerted to a communication on Facebook that Mills was in the parking lot.

Mills was found by the Deputies and arrested. Mills is being charged on charges of Penal Code 288.3: Contacting or Communicating with Minor for Purpose of Engaging in Certain Lewd and Lascivious Behavior (felony), and Penal Code 288.4: Arranging and Meeting with Minor for Purpose of Engaging in Certain Lewd and Lascivious Behavior (felony).

Perhaps the most damning communication Mills engaged in was when setting up the meeting with the "victim", with the stated purpose of engaging in sexual intercourse. If found guilty at trial, Mills could be looking at a lengthy sentence in a State Prison.

Dylan Ray Mills has been charged with a crime, but has not yet gone to trial and been found guilty.

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