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'19 Kids & Counting': Hand-holding begins after Derick proposes to Jill

Derick & Jill's relationship evolved quickly if with little contact!
Derick & Jill's relationship evolved quickly if with little contact!
TLC via Facebook

Derick Dillard proposed to Jill Duggar on last night’s episode of “19 Kids & Counting”--and what a beautiful proposal it was. Many people have rolled their eyes at the old-fashioned approach the Duggar family has to finding a spouse--courting--but after seeing last night’s beautiful and heartfelt proposal, it would be hard not to believe that some hearts finally saw the reasoning behind taking it slow.

Everything in our lives goes fast, fast, fast these days, and we are always trying to make them go even faster. But, in the case of the engagement of Jill and Derick, it is easy to see that going slow has its advantages. And, of course, there is the simple fact that Derick himself is a gentleman, and wants to treat the woman he loves like the special lady she is to him--doesn’t every woman want to be treated like that?

Holding hands is okay, now, whereas it was off-limits before. As the two walked into the Duggar household, Michelle Duggar said, “I think I’m noticing hands being held here!” And, it was just a sweet moment.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without her,” Derick said as both moms gushed over the match.

Of course, although the couple has taken the physical aspect of dating slow, the relationship has gone pretty quickly overall, going from Internet to engagement in about six months. But, everyone seems to believe that Derick is the one for Jill and Jill is the one for Derick, so there were nothing but happy tears and excitement after the announcement.

“I’m the most blessed guy in the whole world because I have the best girl in the whole world,” Derick said. “Praise God.”

And, bless them and good luck to them in the future; they certainly do seem meant-to-be and perfectly matched.

Meanwhile, of course, Jim Bob and Michelle still have Josie toddling around! It is amazing when you consider the span of ages between their children still at home--from preschool to pre-wedding! And, of course, Josh has already given them three grandchildren. It is no wonder this show has been so popular with viewers over the years; how many viewers could possibly experience anything even close to similar to what the Duggars have? Not many (although there are probably a few out there)!

“19 Kids & Counting” airs on TLC on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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