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'19 Kids & Counting': Duggars' surprise dinner arrival more rude than festive

First of all, I enjoy watching the Duggar family. ’19 Kids & Counting’ is one of the better reality shows out there, and the Duggars seem like a loving, caring family--but, just showing up on someone’s doorstep unannounced for dinner? How rude!

When your family is this large, do you really need to be told not to just drop in for anything on the fly, especially not a holiday meal?
TLC, Used with Permission

Last night, the entire family showed up at Josh and Anna’s home in D.C., ready for a huge holiday feast. Josh and Anna were expecting them, and Anna had been planning furiously, trying to figure out how to get a turkey thawed quickly and, oh yes, just how to cook it when it was thawed. Thank goodness for pop-up timers, I guess! The only problem was the D.C. Duggars were expecting the family of two adults and, I guess, 18 kids—since, of course, Josh is in D.C. nowadays—the next day, not that night. And, certainly not, as Jim Bob announced, five hours away and expecting dinner; one can only hope they were kidding.

Well, they definitely were not kidding about arriving early. They called and announced that they had driven thru the night to stay ahead of an expected snowstorm and they were arriving in five hours. And, Jim Bob asked if they could just go ahead and have the holiday dinner that night. Really, Jim Bob? Oh, sure, no problem! Let me just throw something together!

You know, if I were making plans to go stay with someone and circumstances dictated that I would have to arrive a day early, I would give them a call before leaving and ask if it was going to inconvenience them—and that is just one person! Certainly if you have a family of 20, it occurs to you somewhere in your mind, “Hmmmmm, they are probably going to be really busy, working to the very last minute to get ready for us anyway—maybe we should at least call and let them know that we are on our way now?” But, apparently not, maybe because they were going to see their son—family can be more rude and inconsiderate than anyone, after all.

So, as the show ended, the Duggars had arrived on the family’s doorstep, and Anna was frantically fanning smoke with a dish towel, trying to get the alarms to cease. Next week, we’ll get to see if the Duggars were teasing their eldest son and only daughter-in-law, and at least showed up with a round of hot dogs for everyone or, better yet, a full-cooked holiday dinner from a deli counter somewhere along the way. Of course, it would have still been an obnoxious prank, as they had to know that such a thing would put Anna and Josh into a frenzy to get ready, and that she would immediately start trying to speed things up, possibly to the detriment of the items already purchased.

But, you just never know what might happen with reality television.

’19 Kids & Counting’ airs on TLC on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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