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‘19 Kids & Counting’ courting rules? No kissing, hand-holding, sex

The Duggar's share a moment with fans of 19 Kids & Counting
The Duggar's share a moment with fans of 19 Kids & Counting
Duggar's family blog/TLC

The fans of 19 Kids & Counting are going to get a chance to see the Duggars dealing with their teenage daughters on this season of TLC’s reality show. The first thing everyone will notice is how Jessica Duggar is courting a guy. However, don’t mistaken that for dating as the family puts that in an entirely different category. According to the Today show on Tuesday, the rules of courting are different in the Duggar house and for common folks like you or me, it might be tough to follow.

The family has seven basic rules of courting and it’s safe to say any average teenager would freak out at the restrictions. Actually the rules sound like what is shared in history books around the 1880’s. While it’s unfair to judge the Duggar’s parent skills, it does seem a little rigid compared to what teens are doing on MTV.

The courting includes rules like a chaperone is required at all times. Duggar family members must accompany the potential couple anywhere and everywhere and that’s strictly enforced.

There is no kissing or hand-holding in private or person. Apparently Jessica Duggar has vowed not to kiss a man until she is married. Perhaps the hand-holding is possible before, but that has to be way into the relationship.

Of course there is the golden rule of no fooling around. Sex is the last thing that should be done (or the first thing on the honeymoon.) This prevents any questions on whether the guy is the one who should be the father of the children and offers up a solid relationship.

While the courting process sounds a bit rigorous, there definitely is love in the air on 19 Kids & Counting and even with all the rules it seems that Jessica Duggar has found a good guy!

19 Kids & Counting season premiere is on TLC Tuesday night. Check out how much the family has grown and viewers will even see there is love in the air.

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