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’19 Kids and counting’ fans celebrate Duggar birthday? Family shares memories

The Duggar family shares a birthday moment with fans
The Duggar family shares a birthday moment with fans
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar definitely have become more open over the past few seasons of “19 Kids and Counting.” The parents of 19 kids have started to see the youngsters grow up and the fans are wanting more details. Perhaps that is why that the viewers got a glimpse of one of the birthday celebrations in the home on Monday. According to the Duggar family blog on Monday, Jason Duggar turns 14 years old and there will be some celebrating.

So how does a big family celebrate a birthday? Of course it is safe to assume that the “Happy Birthday” song is sung and cake is served too. Outside of that the day looks to be private on how Jason will be celebrating his special day, but everyone assumes it will be with his big family.

The fans have been encourages to flip through a number of pictures of the youngster with his siblings. Showing how much he has grown over the years, the fans have seen how he has gone from just a kid to a fine young man. There are pictures of him making pizza, traveling the country and even playing the violin.

While most stars shy away from sharing images of their kids, it appears the Duggar family has taken a complete different approach. Looking to embrace how each child is special and offer up some spotlight, the family really has shared the special moments embracing the kids. The approach has viewers who watch the show surprised (as it hasn't been done as much in the past) and delighted. Hollywood Life is reporting that even on Easter the family offered up a look at traditions celebrated in the home.

Will Jason Duggar get a present from each of his siblings? If so that would mean the lucky kid would have 18 gifts ready and waiting at his birthday party. With the possibility of just a big haul, viewers can only imagine what he might get as gifts!