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'19 Kids and Counting': Duggar parents monitor Skype date for adult daughter

Jill Duggar with potential boyfriend
Jill Duggar with potential boyfriend
Jill Duggar/Duggar Blog

There might be some surprises when watching the upcoming show 19 Kids and Counting on Tuesday night. The viewers might have a few discussions on how the Duggar family doesn't allow their children be adults. The sneak peek for the show reveals that their daughter Jill Duggar, 22, has to have a chaperone to talk to a potential boyfriend on Skype. According to Radar Online on Tuesday, the video call is monitored by someone to make sure there is nothing inappropriate going on during the conversations.

Offering up their very conservative Christian values, it appears that Jill Duggar might be a legal adult, but prefers to be treated like a child when it comes to being part of the real world. Not only is the courting of Derick Dillard supervised, it could be considered arranged too as the man was introduced to her by her father and he decided to allow the two to meet.

Back in the real world, where 22-year-old women have jobs, decide on their own boyfriends and learn about how life really works, there are people who are shocked at the glorification of controlling an adult. Perhaps it is because women have worked so hard to have equal rights. Or maybe it is because 100 years ago this type of behavior was considered discrimination.

The Duggar family never ceases to surprise the rest of the country when it comes to their parenting. It is antiquated and unrealistic. And it begs us to ask the question exactly what bad could happen if a 22-year-old woman chats on Skype with a guy?

TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting airs on Tuesday night on TLC.