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‘19 Kids and Counting’: Duggar family confirms a summer wedding for Jill Duggar

Jim Bob Duggar's daughter Jill Duggar is getting married.
Jim Bob Duggar's daughter Jill Duggar is getting married.
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The fans of “19 Kids and Counting” couldn't be happier to hear that wedding bells will be ringing this summer as the family celebrates the union of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard. According to the official Duggar family blog on Monday, the couple will have a summer wedding and there are plans in the works to put it all together.

The 22-year-old adult has been a major part of the family. Jill Duggar has picked up some of the responsibility of caring for her siblings and with such a large family, it is essential that she finds her place outside of her home and moves on with her life. And with all the romance in the air, it seems that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are seriously moving forward in their relationship.

The upheaval of the wedding might have the younger family members in shock. The news of the engagement might be hard for the younger family members as they have come to rely on their older siblings. Crushable is reporting that the youngsters could be freaking out over the news that their sister is engaged and on her way to becoming marred as they depend on her and don’t know what to do.

The announcement of the engagement was only a few weeks back. Offering up news right after the season premiere of the reality show, the fans knew there had to be a wedding on the way. Now that the couple has announced plans, the fans are wondering where the two might get married and who will be part of the wedding party. Of course the Duggars will let the fans know when they figure out the details so there is nothing more for the viewers to do than wait and be excited for the new couple!

“19 Kids and Counting” can be seen on TLC airing on Tuesday night.