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’19 Kids and Counting’ delivers highest series ratings in show's history

The Duggar family show, “19 Kids and Counting,” saw an all-time series high with their ratings according to The Futon Critic on May 29. According to a press release from TLC “19 Kids and Counting” was the #1 ad-supported television show on cable network for Tuesday evening broadcasting bringing in 2.8 million viewers.

WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 17: Michelle (L) and Jim Bob Duggar of The Learning Channel TV show '19 Kids and Counting' speak at the Values Voter Summit on September 17, 2010 in Washington, DC. The annual summit drew nearly two thousand people to advocate for c
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During Tuesday’s show, viewers witness the return of Derick Dillard who was in Nepal. Derick was reunited with Jill Duggar, his now- finance. The couple first met in person in Nepal in 2013 while doing missionary work. Jill and Derick were introduced by her father, Jim Bob, via email. Duggar and Dillard spent countless hours talking on Skype. Once they met, they instantly fell in love and were engaged a few months later.

Duggar told People magazine that she met most of his family before seeing Dillard in person. Jill was comfortable with the situation since her father had invested a lot of time in getting to know Derick prior to his daughter’s introduction. In return, Jill spent time getting to know his family along with learning how to cook some of Derick's favorite dishes. When the pair met in Nepal, the cameras were there just as they were when Derick returned to the states.

Jill and Derick were so excited to see each other at the airport that Jill crossed the “Do Not Cross” barrier which caused the alarms to go off. Once the situation was under control, the couple embraced in a full-frontal hug, despite the vow they made.

Later, Jim Bob and Michelle agree that it would be fun to include Ben and Jessica on a triple date with Jill and Derick. This would allow everyone to get to know each other better. Michelle planned the entire evening and somehow managed to keep the entire event a secret. And, for good reason. The triple date dinner was actually an etiquette class.

Meanwhile, viewers learn that Jim Bob and Michelle’s fertility test results are in and the results were not as positive as they had hoped. Although Michelle is still able to have children, her age may prevent her from doing so. The Duggar’s have agreed to leave that will in God’s hands.

“19 Kids and Counting” will return June 3 at 9 p.m. EST on TLC. The mid-season finale will have Derick asking Jim for Jill’s hand in marriage. The oldest Duggar daughters are off promoting their new book, “Growing Up Duggar,” in New York City.

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