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1896 Olympic Games: Complete list of swimming place winners

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Swimming has been held at the Olympics since the very first modern games in 1896. On April 11 of that year, four events were contested in the Bay of Zea off the coast of Greece. A total of 19 swimmers from four countries compete in the events. The countries represented included Austria, Greece, Hungary and the United States. As far as we know, the United States was the only country represented that did not place in the top three at the games. (A third-place winner was not recorded in the 100-meter freestyle.) Only men were eligible to compete in the events.

Then, only the top finisher received a medal. In the years since, the International Olympic Committee has assigned medals to the top three finishers. Below you'll find a list of the recorded winners.

100-Meter Freestyle
Gold: Alfréd Hajós, Greece, 1:22.2
Silver: Otto Herschman, Austria, 1:22.8
Bronze: No bronze-medal award recorded.

500-Meter Freestyle
Gold: Paul Neumann, Austria, 8:12.6
Silver: Antonios Pepanos, Grees, 9:57.6
Bronze: Efstathios Chorafas, Greece, time not recorded.

1,200-Meter Freestyle
Gold: Alfréd Hajós, Greece, 18:22.2
Silver: Ioannis Andreou, Greece, 21:03.4
Bronze: Efstathios Chorafas, Greece, time not recorded.

Sailors 100-Meter Freestyle
Only sailors from the Greek Royal Navy were eligible to participate.
Gold: Ioannis Malokinis, 2:20.4
Silver: Spiridon Chasapis, time not recorded.
Bronze: Dimitios Drivas, time not recorded.