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1847 Rogers Bros silver pieces probably not manufactured in 1847

I've written about this before but based upon the number of questions I receive on this subject, it's time to review it again.

There have been many brands of silver flatware and hollowware manufactured with the word, "Rogers", in the name. One of the brands is "1847 Rogers Bros." The "1847" refers to the founding date of the company and not the date a piece was manufactured. This mark is found on many patterns that weren't even in existence in 1847.

There were many brothers and other relatives in the Rogers extended family and not all were affiliated with the company carrying the "1847 Rogers Bros" mark. According to "Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers" by Dorothy T. Rainwater & Martin and Colette Fuller, a key founder of the particular company with which the "1847" mark originated was Asa Rogers, Jr.

Through a major acquisition of many silver companies during the formation of International Silver Company in 1898, this Rogers brand was taken over by International Silver. They continued to manufacture pieces with this brand for a number of years after that. Often, International Silver stamped the letters, "IS", on pieces made after 1898.

It's difficult to tell when a specific piece was manufactured. Sometimes a window of time can be determined based upon the year a pattern was introduced and when it was discontinued. If they have that information, the folks at Replacements, Ltd. often include it in their listing for a pattern. Try checking their web site if you're looking for these dates. Also, check the web site for Sterling Flatware Fashions.

The vast majority of pieces carrying the "1847 Rogers Bros" brand were made of silver plate. I don't know if sterling pieces were ever manufactured under this brand.

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