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18-foot python: Burmese python caught in Florida Everglades

18-foot python caught in the Florida Everglades could set a new record. The second 18-foot python caught in the past year could be a record. According to Fox News on Feb. 5, last year a snake collector caught an 18 feet, 8-inch monster.

Bobby Hill, a python control agent for the South Florida Water Management District, bagged the giant snake Tuesday, the Miami Herald reports.

The 18-foot python was found on top of a levee about five miles north of Tamiami Trail. It is not uncommon fro reptiles to sun themselves on the rocks on top of the levees during the winter months. Some of the largest snakes have been found around these waterways in Florida.

This 18-foot python will be sent to the University of South Florida to be analyzed. These snakes have been shown to eat all types of wildlife present in the Everglades when autopsied.

The 18-foot python caught is just the latest in a string of huge animals that were likely once kept as pets. A wild Burmese python can grow to over 20 feet in length.

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