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18 Cooling tips to save you money this summer

A shady home is a cooler home.
A shady home is a cooler home.
Photo by Joe Apfel

Temperatures are heating up and with that our need for cool air within out homes and offices. Regardless of the type of cooling system you use, you will save money if you follow these simple steps.

  1. Service and maintain your cooling system, change filters monthly.
  2. Check your attic insulation and ventilation, improve your levels of insulation and ventilation if needed.
  3. Have a HVAC technician inspect your cooling system and ensure the system is the correct size for your home, a system that is too large or too small will work harder to cool your space.
  4. Consider installing a whole house fan to move air through at night and in the early spring when you need to cool the house down without really using the AC full time.
  5. Shade your home, use trees and awnings to shade your south and east facing areas.
  6. Use a programmable thermostat and set the temperature one degree above what you feel is the coolness you desire.
  7. Use interior fans in conjunction with your AC unit, the ceiling fan will move cooled air through out your home without significantly increasing your power usage.
  8. Consider installing newer windows with a heat resistant shield built into the glass.
  9. Use shades and blinds to block direct sunlight from entering the home at the heat of the day.
  10. Open and close windows as the sun moves around your home, opening shady windows and closing windows that are in the sun.
  11. If your climate allows, use an evaporative cooler.
  12. Be careful where you place the thermostat as heat from a TV or lamp will heat the air around the thermostat asking for cooling when your home or office may not really need to be cooled.
  13. Check your duct system for air leaks, check duct joints as well as ducting on top of your furnace or heat pump.
  14. Clean your outside compressor area and shade if possible.
  15. Turn off lights and other heat producing appliances when not in use.
  16. Use the oven, dishwasher and clothes dryer in the late evenings when it’s cooler outside.
  17. Turn off pilot lights in gas fireplaces or other appliances you won’t be using that have a pilot light.
  18. Check your weather stripping, repair any drafts, close the fireplace damper.



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