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18 Big Interior Design Blunders

Living Room Redo
Living Room Redo

Decorating and designing is something that comes naturally for some and is learned by others. I love interior design and enjoy everything for deciding where to place furniture, hang pictures, choosing color palettes, and accessorizing a room appropriately for its size and shape. Don’t worry about making mistakes; even the best professionals mess up at times. It is through our mistakes that we grow and become better. Here are 19 interior design blunders that I see commonly in homes that should always be avoided. You might be doing a few of these things now.

Matchy, Matchy Furniture

While it is great to have coordinating furniture, having several pieces with the same colors, fabric, and pattern is overwhelming in a room. Break it up by adding some accessories in a different color for that added pop of color.

A Bad Paint Job

Painting a wall has more steps than choosing a color and quickly brushing it on the wall. The walls should be cleaned, primed, taped off, and rolled with the right equipment.

Over styling

Every surface or shelf doesn’t have to have decorations on them. Remember, more sometimes is just more.

Choosing the Paint Color First

Don't paint the walls first. You may love a paint color, but trying to find furniture, drapes, and rugs to match it can be difficult. It is best to find a piece of artwork that inspires you. A painting could pull several colors together and help you discover the perfect paint for your wall.

No Space Plan

This is a common mistake people make. They go to a furniture store and buy two big beautiful couches. When they get home, the couches don’t fit quite how they want and make the room awkward or feel small. Always measure the room and the space you need to walk and move around comfortably.

Using the Right Colors on the Wall

Unless your room is full of windows and bright lights, it is best to avoid really dark colors except on a small accent wall.

Furniture Scale and Placement

While you don’t want couches too big for a room, you also want to avoid hanging small pictures on a wall. Bigger accessories are always better than lots of small ones.

Having More Than One Focal Point in a Room

Always have a focal point in a room, but never have two. Going into a room should be relaxing on the eyes, but when there is too much going on it is exhausting.

Too Many Styles

You might love the farmhouse kitchen, modern bathroom, traditional bedroom, and contemporary living room, but you need to focus on one style and stick to it. You can add little touches of other styles here and there, but it is best to never stray away.

Hanging Curtains too Low

Hang curtains several inches above windows to open up rooms and give the walls an illusion of being taller than they are. Great design tip!

Forgetting the Outside

While decorating and remodeling a home’s interior, the outside is often neglected and overlooked. It is the first thing people see before ever stepping inside your home and will be the first impression you make.

Hanging Art Poorly on the Wall

An art piece can make a huge impact on a space if hung properly. Don’t let it be too high or low for a space.

Poor Budgeting

Set a realistic budget and stick with it. Ask for help with that from a professional. Which leads me to...

Not Hiring a Professional

There are many advantages to hiring someone to help out and it can often save you money.

Too Many Photos

Your family might be beautiful, but too many photos shoved in one space can look cluttered and tacky. Photo albums are a great place to keep your pictures and are fun for guests to browse through while relaxing on the couch.

Too Many Rugs

Rugs can add color and pattern to a room, but they can also cover up gorgeous floors and the beauty in simplicity.

Forgetting the Lighting

Lamps and ceiling light can change the entire mood of a room. When decorating and designing spaces, don’t forget about the lighting.

Choosing Style over Comfort

A room should reflect your personality and your lifestyle. Stiff couches and awkward furniture arrangements might look nice, but when it comes time to sit back and watch TV, it will only make your neck and back hurt.

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