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17 superstitions about when you were born

If you've ever wonder if there was something behind the day of the week or month you were born, superstitions have the answer. These seventeen superstitions that look at birth and how it affects your luck to personality. Of course they are called superstitions for a reason, just because you were born then doesn't necessary mean that the meaning behind it is always right, so don't fret if you're unhappy with something that you read.

So let's being and look at

  1. Anyone who is born in April will be a jealous person.
  2. If a child is born during a stormy night, it will be a cross and nervous child.
  3. A child born on Thursday is sour and sad.
  4. A child born on Wednesday is merry and glad.
  5. You will never be wealthy if you're born in July.
  6. Twins born on Sunday will always have good luck.
  7. Anyone born in July will have a sulky disposition.
  8. Saturday is an unlucky day to be born on.
  9. It is lucky to born on a Sunday.
  10. Christmas day is a lucky day to be born on.
  11. If a child is born on Monday they will have a fair face.
  12. A girl that is born in February will be clever and sincere.
  13. If a child is born in March, they will be strong willed.
  14. Any child born on Good Friday is able to see spirits for the rest of their lives.
  15. A child born in December will have large joints.
  16. While a child who is born on Christmas Day is lucky, another piece of lore tells that child born on this day also can see spirits.
  17. A child born on Saturday sadly will never be rich.

So those are just some superstitions that are about when people were born from the month to the day of the week. It laos looks at on weather can affect a baby. . Of course like stated before since these are superstitions, they aren't necessary true about someones personality (unless it's a good compliment then yeah it's true).


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